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Compliance Risk Concepts: Bringing Specialised Support for Compliance Risk Management

Mitch Avnet, Founder, CEO and Managing Partner
With the regulatory landscape becoming increasingly stringent,staying compliant stands as a major complexity for businesses globally. For every business, there laycertain regulatory standards that if remain unaddressed may bring uncalled for consequences.Thus, at every stage, organizations are compelled to be cautious of compliance related risks. While organizations keep wondering about the best ways to stay tuned to the compliance standards, they are also vigilant about maintaining their performance objectives, sustaining value and protecting the brand at the same time.Compliance Risk Concepts is a business focused team of compliance executives whohelp businesses do the job well, serving as a support system to eliminate compliance related risks. The organization was co-founded by Mitch Avnet to bridge the gap prevailing between the services being rendered by consulting firms and their deliverables. Thus, with the vision to offer a value-proposition to businesses, Compliance Risk Concepts came to the fore.

The company provides compliance services to businesses helping them demonstrate a strong risk management culture. As a team made up of former CCOs and Senior Level Compliance Officers, Compliance Risk Concepts brings the assurance of a balanced and effective compliance operational risk management program.“We have all “been in the seat”, understand our clients’ discrete set of compliance related risks and are true problem solvers. We quickly get on-board with our clients and have an approach that enables us to hit the ground running,” details Mitch Avnet, Founder, CEO and Managing Partner, Compliance Risk Concepts.

CRC delivers compliance consulting services to both small and large companies. The organization first develops thorough understanding of each of itsclients’ business models and accordingly assists its clients in achieving their financial, operational and strategic goals.
CRC initiates critical support in terms of outsourcing of ongoing compliance functions to discrete projects focused on high risk industry issues. In today’s perplexing regulatory and economic environment, CRC comes as a support system for businesses operating across industries. It brings specialised support for sectors including financial services and financial services technology. Within the financial services space, the company assures unparalleled expertise for Investment Banks, Asset Management Firms, Investment Advisers, Institutional Sales and Trading Businesses and Retail Broker-Dealers.

Compliance Risk concepts assists its clients in managing their ongoing compliance responsibilities as a"local" outsourced provider

Technology remains a major driving force for the organization and thus, it employs technology to help its clients identify appropriate solutions based on their specific needs and budgetary constraints. It has also partnered with numerous eminent compliance technology providers besides setting up a team that helps implementing compliance systems along side carrying out the periodic monitoring and surveillance. CRC has also developed a proprietary program for Conflict Management, a critical problem that often prevails within organizations. The program enables firms to assess their conflicts at the business level, establishing an enterprise view of conflicts related risks across all channels within an organization. The company assists its clients in managing their ongoing compliance responsibilities as a “local” outsourced provider.“Our goal is to be a disruptive player in the Compliance Professional Services space, providing organizations access to unparalleled intellectual capital and services that are predicated on value and the ability to readily execute and solve problems,” concludes JoeKelly, Founder and Partner, Compliance Risk Concepts.