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Global IT : Fostering Compliance through Proactive Monitoring

Anthony Williams, Founder & CEO, Global IT
‘Together we stand, divided we fall,’ the final line of a Pink Floyd classic amply describes the constant turmoil that our society exists in and the dire need for harmony on a cosmic scale. For businesses this harmony is quite vital in achieving success of any level. It has hence become a mandate for organizations in this IT dominant era to embrace the transformational aspects of modern day compliance. Today compliance standards have grown far beyond what they were a couple of decades ago and they have done so in response to the constantly upgrading IT infrastructure which demands constant evolution. Globalization has further escalated the situation and created a greater demand for compliance that enables organizations to effectively conduct business on a global scale. Global IT is a company that for just over a decade has been a prominent resident of the compliance sector in the United States.

The Dawn of a New Era in Telecom

Global IT was started in 2004 with the original purpose to meet demands by providing high quality infrastructure services to.com, ISPs and Telecom operators. As the compliance requirements grew over the years due to the exponential growth of technology, Global IT transformed its service portfolio to offer a more comprehensive compliance service with emphasis on reliability and high quality performance. The company’s growth since then has been coupled with a positive disposition towards proactively researching compliance standards to keep technology costs down when new standards are established. This demand for updated compliance services also fostered Global IT’s ascent into enterprise and SMB’s market. “Through our customers requesting a high demand of bandwidth, uptime and performance, the natural progression into compliance was relatively straight forward,” elaborates Anthony Williams, Founder & CEO, Global IT.

The contrast of the telecom sector is an aspect that should not be taken lightly. Every organization in the Telecom sector has individual attributes that define and distinguish it from its peers. Be it in infrastructure or working models, such differences give identity to the particular brand of services offered by the various Telecom operators which give access to a variety of options for potential users to choose from. Global IT to this end conducts a thorough test process to analyse, verify and understand new technologies from various operators before they hit the markets. “We like to hand pick Telecom operators to customer networks and test run new technologies before mass inception,” says Williams. Global IT also brings value by being consistent in providing uptime, speed and performance in an industry where logic is often overlooked.
Global IT’s investments towards monitoring customer’s IT performance prove testament to the company’s technical ability in this aspect. The services delivered thereby help manage clients’ IT performance which results in the provision of the highest quality of telecom services at reasonable prices.

Security the Enterprise Network

Security is another issue that Global IT addresses through its services. Organizational assets Employees, Web, Credit Card, PCI, HIPAA, Internet Security are all credible reasons for companies to protect their data and maintain protocols. Global IT has devised its services to aid companies in avoiding the possibilities of data breaches which could tarnish their reputation along with incurring huge financial losses. This particular brand of compliance services has made Global IT a top draw for the provision of compliance needs amongst companies worldwide. For security Global IT’s Global Eye proactive security monitoring for systems, networks and end points is truly a valuable asset. The Global Eye system monitors all networks and notifies technicians who can fix the issues before the clients even come to know of them. This allows companies to focus more on their core business concerns while saving time and unneeded costs. These services also aid companies that cater to other markets such as the Asia Pacific where globalization, technology advancements and emerging markets are possible factors that could expose clients to certain risks which can be mitigated by learning from already established communities or IT firms . “We take pride in embracing a proactive approach to telecommunications. Our goal is to set the industry standard for providing reliable telecommunication services so that businesses can focus on what is most important to them, their clients,” says Williams.

The Global Eye system monitors all networks and notifies technicians who can fix the issues before the clients even come to know of them

The Way through the Clouds

Over the course of its inception,Global IT developed private and public clouds to support them in the decade that followed. These clouds are still part of Global IT’s technical prowess and remain in high demand . Global IT has been successful in developing an IT infrastructure that has not only lasted them for one decade, but according to Williams will last them several more. With their future secured infrastructure, Global IT intends to continue developing policies and systems to define the mass deployment of what consumers will eventually adapt to in the years to come.

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