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Healthcare Technology Advisors: Propelling Growth in theHealthcare Compliance Sector

Derrick Weisbrod, Founding Advisor
To cope with today’s technological advancements, enterprises turn to IT consultants to upgrade their working practices within organisations. Following the same trend, most of the healthcare companies also appoint IT consultants for evaluation of their business growth. Though the IT consultants efficiently deal with every aspect of the business,a gap remains when it comes to the healthcare industry and its compliance needs. With a motive to mitigate this gap and the risks generally confronted by the healthcare industry, Healthcare Technology Advisors (HTA) started its journey in 2015. Lead by Derrick Weisbrod, the founding advisor, HTA is all set to provide a comprehensive approach to compliance ensuring that all the appropriate audits are completed.

Operating from St. Louis, Mo, HTA’s primary objective prior to delivering services revolves around the assessment of the short comings in the health care sector especially compliance. The company provides support in the areas of policies, procedures, business continuity planning and testing, training, business associate management, incident management methods,etc. to meet up the HIPAA compliance needs of its clients. “We offer Managed HIPAA Compliance Services; Security Risk Assessments and Managed IT Services. Our expertise serving various healthcare covered entities and business associates allows us to deliver standardized security configurations to address clients’ IT needs across the healthcare vertical,” confirms Derrick. In addition to these, HTA’s compliance experience helps it to conduct an ongoing compliance program through out the year to spread awareness among its work force members. Its comprehensive approach towards compliance issues ensures that all appropriate audits are completed as desired.

“It is often seen that many healthcare companies seek help from IT providers instead of compliance experts in order to complete their Security Risk Assessment. The IT providers in return many times mislead those companies by purchasing some shelf tool that does not fit the card,” explains Derrick.
Keeping control over this situation, HTA works as a trusted advisor and guides healthcare businesses through the complex IT and HIPAA landscape delivering a comprehensive service and maintaining a human touch. Defining their observation over the tasks provided by IT advisors, Derrick also says, “We have observed how certain tools claim to meet the requirements of HIPAA and provide policies and procedures, only to discover that they simply cover a certain portion of the rules. IT providers use them, the software service providers sell them and this puts many entities in risk.” To help overcome such challenges, HTA puts a lot of effort to extract the best possible results required and also succeeds in it.

HTA's Compliance experience helps it to conduct an ongoing compliance program throughout the year to spread awareness among its workforce members

Implementing a continuous audit program means, HTA continuously looks for technological advancements in the field of HIPAA compliance services in order to improve in quality and competitive excellence. Moreover,implementing its Managed HIPAA Compliance Services, HTA delivers its clients with this compliance program prior to any audits conducted by the government or required by their clients.The program motivates simplified management of IT environment by balancing the IT infrastructure and HIPAA compliance. Having achieved ample success in its local market as the purveyor of effective compliance solution, HTA now seeks to continue its growth across the geography of Saint Louis and Cape Girardeau, Mo along with an aim to expand its territory in the Nashville market through the years to come.

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