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REAN Cloud: Breaking Through the Challenges Prevailing in the Compliance Segment

Sean Finnerty, Executive Director of Regulatory Compliance
Today’s business environment is dominated by various emerging trends, which also include the challenge to address continuous compliance risks. Businesses are now compelled to be more cautious of the industrial regulation sand the need to aptly understand and meet the compliance obligations. As per the PwC 2015 Global CEO Survey, increasing regulation is the top threat to business growth prospects. The findings of the survey also indicate that 78 percent of CEOs around the world view increasing regulation as a major threat to business growth. The data delineates the need for businesses to leverage the expertise of compliance consulting firms to manage the emerging risks more effectively. REAN Cloud is a premier technology firm that vigilantly deals with compliance related issues faced by organizations. company brings the desired expertise to deal with the compliance related issues, especially the ones prevailing in highly regulated industries. REAN Cloud also operates as a one stop shop for cloud computing and managed services to help businesses become agile and productive.

The company was initially founded to provide cloud services for industries that were typically considered challenging for cloud. However gradually, the organization started focusing on compliance driven industries, i.e., Financial, Education, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Government. “There was an opportunity to bring our service orientation to bear not only the technology challenges, but also to address the compliance security concerns in a very modern way,” specifies Sean Finnerty, Executive Director of Regulatory Compliance, REAN Cloud. Compliance has always been a major segment of REAN Cloud’s service portfolio. The company exquisitely manages Security Assessments, Compliance Assessments, Compliance Based Architectures, Documentation, as well as remediation to help customer with their audit preparation.
Finnerty adds, “Our biggest competitive advantage is that we are able to address compliance as well as the technical aspects such as cloud computing, performance, scalability and availability all from one firm.” The specialised technical and compliance teams at REAN Cloud ensure to address the challenges faced by its clients pertaining to cloud computing and compliance. The company has continuously been working towards strengthening its position in the cloud computing segment and as a result, REAN Cloud is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and an audited AWS Managed Service Partner. Besides, on the compliance front, the company covers entities and their business associates subject to HIPAA can leverage the built-in security that REAN Secure Virtual Private Cloud (S-VPC) framework on AWS to process, maintain and store protected health information. REAN Cloud has been laser-focused on the compliance segment ever since its founding as part of its strategy to shape their business towards the regulatory industries.

REAN Cloud is a premier technology firm that vigilantly deals with compliance related issues faced by organizations

Headquartered in Herndon, VA, REAN Cloud aims to explore opportunities internationally. The company has recently come up with an office in Israel besides initiating investments in the Indian market. “Investments are being made in Israel, Boston, India, the west coast of United States and Europe, as key geographic regions to expand into,” adds Finnerty. Additionally, the REAN Cloud team looks forward to approach new industries and regions with its compliance solutions and is well-prepared to confront the challenges associated with different compliance frameworks and control policies applied in different countries. The company plans to develop clients from Fortune 500 companies needing cloud computing and compliance solutions.

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